RiseSun MGL

Focused in R&D of new energy vehicle power battery


RiseSun MGL is a high-tech enterprise focused in research and industrialization of new energy vehicle Li-ion power battery, energy storage Li-ion battery and key materials of Li-ion battery. MGL takes the lead in the world in scale up manufacture and marketization of Mn-based Li-ion battery.
RiseSun MGL actively responds to government policies of developing new energy vehicle industry. By sticking to independent research and development, after decades of perseverance, we own total independent intelligent properties of core technologies. We successfully developed Mn-based ternary power battery and Li-titanate high power battery with high rate of dischargablity, long life-time and reliable safety features. Both products have been equipped abroadly in new energy vehicle all over the country.

Main Business

Up to now, new energy vehicles equipped with MGL power battery products have covered all 31 provinces of mainland China as well as North American, Europe and Southeast Asia. Main products can equip electric vehicle(EV), hybrid electric vehicle(HEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle(PHEV). Among that , PHEV products have been taking absolute lead in commercial vehicle subdivision by occupying 50% and more of the market for many years.

Future Strategic Planning

Future R&D Planning