Markets and services

Adhere to the service concept of "customer-oriented" and the service slogan of "serious, responsible, fast and effective"

MGL market development mode

Market oriented, service-supported, and strictly execute the development mode of
market customer service

MGL after-sales service standards

Create after-sales service standards with real-time monitoring, communication at any time, advance maintenance, one-hour replacement, and lifetime warranty as the goal, and jointly develop new energy vehicle markets with vehicle companies

MGL service concept

MGL after-sales service team adheres to the "customer-centric" service philosophy and "serious, responsible, fast and effective" service slogan, relying on the company's technology, brand, human resources and market network to provide customers with detailed, flexible and comprehensive And sincere service.

MGL service network

By 2020, MGL has established a huge service network with Beijing as the center and
173 service stations of three major libraries based on more than 50 centers in South
China, East China, Central China, Southwest China and Northwest China. It has even
extended its reach to overseas countries such as Canada, Spain, Germany, South
Korea and countries in Southeast Asia, and established cooperative relations with
local service enterprises,providing accurate and professional after-sales services for
global customers.

Industry leading security capability

By the end of 2019, the number of vehicles equipped with MGL batteries has reached
over 42,000, exceeded 6.3 billion kilometers in accumulated safe mileage, the mobile
phone of MGL FESCO personnel are available on phone for 24 hours a day, and the
customer can dial 4006606280 to consult and request guarantee repair at any time.
The Internet of Vehicles Big Data Center provides 7*24 anonymous data retrieval
monitoring and analysis for your vehicle.




On-line operation of vehicles

0 Hundred million kilometers

Safe mileage