Working at MGL

At MGL, the only thing you have to do is to move towards your goals. We provide opportunities and platforms for your development.

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Talent Concept implemented by MGL

We will realize leading technology through innovation, serve the social life with our products, recruit more talents from the new energy-powered lithium batteries and the automobile industry, and foster The first-class scientific research team

Efficient interview process

Complete the interview process in three to five days

MGL team activities

Talent benefits

No worry about the future, be bold to fight for your dream
  • 全额六险一金
  • 免费住宿
  • 福利食堂
  • 年终奖金
  • 免费班车
  • 住房补贴
  • 天津落户
  • 博士后工作站
  • 人才补贴


MGL is recruiting top talents in the new energy-powered lithium battery industry and the automotive industry

Office environment

Promotion mechanism for MGL’s employees

MGL has established a complete promotion system and career planning system for its employees

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